France Lighting Solutions is a manufacturer of lighting products and solutions.

France Lighting Solutions


Location: Fairview, Tennessee Established: 2010 Website: Founded by Merle and Lester France in 1913, France products have been providing power solutions for electric signs for almost a century. Since our humble beginnings, France has been recognized as an innovator in power solutions for battery chargers, ignition transformers, neon lighting transformers, [...]

Halex is a proud Scott Fetzer manufacturer of electrical fittings that boasts about our high quality product rating.



Location: Cleveland, Ohio Established: 1947 Website: Established in 1947, we set out to be an electrical fittings company that was anything but static. We are driven to deliver quality products that meet the highest standards set by rating agencies such as UL and CSA. In fact, we are proud of our [...]

Kingston Manufacturing is a manufacturer of timers, range locks, and asynchronous motor products that are all built in the USA.

Kingston Manufacturing


Location: Fairview, Tennessee Established: 1977 Website: For over 60 years Kingston has supplied timers, range locks, and asynchronous motor products to the white goods industry. Our customers include General Electric, GEA, World Dryer, Alliance Laundry, and more.

Northland Motors specialize in brushless DC and universal motors, blowers, their associated controls, and customer specific assemblies.

Northland Motors


Location: Fairview, Tennessee Established: 2010 Website: Northland Motor Technologies is an electromechanical development and manufacturing company focused on providing high quality, long lasting, application-specific engineered motor solutions. We focus on critical applications with moderate to high production rates.  We also integrate our products into customer specific assemblies. Our end products [...]

Scott Fetzer Electronic Group has long been known as a precision manufacturer of electric motors, power supplies, and transformers.

Scott Fetzer Electrical Group


Location: Fairview, Tennessee Established: 2010 Website: SFEG was formed in 2010 to bring together the capabilities of three Scott Fetzer Company businesses: France Power Solutions, Northland Motor Technology, and Kingston Products. Located on the outskirts of Nashville in Fairview, Tennessee, we pride ourselves in designing, manufacturing, and delivering high-quality, [...]

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