Scott Fetzer Electronic Group strives to be the leader in intelligent power solutions.

Location: Fairview, Tennessee
Established: 2010

SFEG was formed in 2010 to bring together the capabilities of three Scott Fetzer Company businesses: France Power Solutions, Northland Motor Technology, and Kingston Products. Located on the outskirts of Nashville in Fairview, Tennessee, we pride ourselves in designing, manufacturing, and delivering high-quality, American-made electrical power products.

SFEG has long been known as a precision manufacturer of electric motorspower supplies, and transformers; all components that are produced for use in a large variety of finished goods. Commercial blenders, vacuum cleaners, spa pumps, respiratory aids, therapeutic mattresses, printing presses, 3D printers, fume evacuators, washing machines, electrical signage all have one thing in common; Scott Fetzer Electrical Group’s products provide the power that makes them go.

What many people don’t know is that we are also highly skilled master assemblers of finished goods and offer our customers a “turn-key” service on their products.  From design assistance to sourcing to packaging and shipping; we take care of everything so our customers can focus on marketing and selling their products.

If you have a new product or you are just tired of the headaches associated with overseas contract manufacturing, let us help you.

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