Partnering with Ambucor enables physicians to retain total clinical control and data access to improve quality of care and patient satisfaction.



Location: Cleveland, Ohio Established: 1989 Website: With Ambucor, physicians have the tools to regain control of their patient experience and their business. Ambucor, a division of ScottCare, provides insourced clinical labor dedicated to the full range of ambulatory ECG and remote cardiac implantable electronic device (CIED) monitoring. The cardiac monitoring service provides 24/7/365 monitoring by certified technicians. This monitoring is carried out under the [...]

Powerex Inc


Location: Harrison, Ohio Established: 1988 Website: Beginning with our own line of air compressors, Powerex has been designing and packaging systems since 1988.  Powerex has built a foundation on engineering, innovation, quality, and service to become a leader in vacuum and air systems. Powerex is committed to providing the [...]



Location: Cleveland, Ohio Established: 1989 Website: ScottCare develops and manufactures high-quality devices, software, data integration, and clinical labor services that aid hospitals and cardiology practices in the diagnosis and management of cardiovascular disease worldwide. Our mission is to facilitate improved patient care and clinical outcomes while reducing the [...]

Western Enterprises


Location: Westlake, Ohio Established: 1952 Website: Western Enterprises, a Scott Fetzer Company, is a leading American designer and manufacturer of products for the compressed gas industry serving the medical, industrial, welding, HVAC, and specialty gas markets. We are also a trusted leader in measurement and calibration solutions with our Meriam® [...]

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