American Angler proudly carries a selection of fishing knives and accessories for the casual sportsman and fishing enthusiast alike.

American Angler


Location: Cleveland, Ohio Established: 1986 Website: The American Angler brand began over 30 years ago as a manufacturer of bait knives and quickly expanded into providing durable, high quality fillet knives and accessories. In the early 1990's, we developed the first motorized fillet knife system preferred by commercial fishermen and professional [...]

Blue Angel Pumps


Location: Harrison, Ohio Established: 1928 Website: Blue Angel was founded by Norbert Berghoff in 1928. It has manufactured household-related products ranging from refrigerators to push lawn mowers. In the late 1940's, Blue Angel entered the water pump industry by acquiring the Zepher Pump Company. Today the Blue Angel brand of residential [...]

Carefree has had millions of awnings installed worldwide on every type of RV and specialty vehicle imaginable creating a rich tradition of quality, value, performance and style.

Carefree of Colorado


Location: Broomfield, Colorado Established: 1971 Website: Carefree of Colorado was established in 1971 after introducing the first truly automatic roll up awning for Recreational Vehicles.  Since then, our exclusive focus has been on the design, development, manufacture and innovation of RV Awnings and related accessories.  Carefree is the only full-line awning and accessories [...]

Ginsu is one of the most well-known cutlery brands on the market, with specialized lines for cooking enthusiasts and professional chefs as well as economical models for those just looking to upgrade their kitchen accessories.



Location: Cincinnati, Ohio Established: 1978 Website: Ginsu Brands has been in existence for over 100 years. We're more than just a household product, we're a family of brands committed to making the best kitchen cutlery and fillet knives in the consumer products category. We take pride in our innovations which are [...]

Halex is a proud Scott Fetzer manufacturer of electrical fittings that boasts about our high quality product rating.



Location: Cleveland, Ohio Established: 1947 Website: Established in 1947, we set out to be an electrical fittings company that was anything but static. We are driven to deliver quality products that meet the highest standards set by rating agencies such as UL and CSA. In fact, we are proud of our [...]

Scott Fetzer Consumer Brands


Location: Harrison, Ohio Established: 2018 Website: In early 2018, Scott Fetzer brought together Halex, Ginsu Brands and Wayne Water Systems to form Scott Fetzer Consumer Brands (SFCB). The core purpose of SFCB is to develop extraordinary products and services to help consumers protect, enjoy and connect their homes. Scott Fetzer Consumer Brands fulfills its customer’s [...]

Wayne Pump offers a complete line of pumps that are designed for homeowners, watering gardens, sump and battery backup systems, sewage pumps, pool and lawn.

Wayne Pump


Location: Harrison, Ohio Established: 1928 Website: With more than 70 years in the business, Wayne has become a dominant player in the water pump industry. We continue to bring market-leading innovation to homeowners who need worry-free water management solutions. WAYNE offers a full line of basement protection systems, sump, multi-use, [...]

World Book is a leading publisher of encyclopedias and reliable educational content for students in and out of the classroom.

World Book


Location: Chicago, Illinois Established: 1917 Website: World Book provides accurate, unbiased,  and reliable educational content for students in and out of the classroom. For more than a century, World Book has fostered learning through a range of products in which complex topics are concisely explained and vividly illustrated. World Book [...]



Location: Chicago, Illinois Established: 1934 Website: Childcraft “Character training, discipline guidance, and habit formation are processes in your child’s development that cause you serious concern.  You want your child to develop habits and traits of character that are admirable and worthwhile—habits and traits that will ensure happiness and success [...]



Location: Chicago, Illinois Established: 1917 Website: Wizard World Book Wizard is an adaptive learning platform that provides a personalized experience to help students achieve academic success and build confidence. With a comprehensive set of curriculum-based drills, Wizard is smart, personalized, and a proven way to help students master skills in core subject [...]

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