World Book is a leading publisher of encyclopedias, nonfiction and mixed-genre children’s books, teacher resources, and digital learning products for schools, libraries, and homes.

Location: Chicago, Illinois
Established: 1917

World Book provides accurate, unbiased,  and reliable educational content for students in and out of the classroom. For more than a century, World Book has fostered learning through a range of products in which complex topics are concisely explained and vividly illustrated. World Book continues to uphold that standard of excellence in its production of print and digital materials. An explicit goal is to help increase both reading fluency and comprehension in young readers. Nonfiction and mixed-genre children’s books, reference materials, teacher resources, and digital learning platforms are all crafted and updated with consideration for the immediate needs of young learners today.

The Scott Fetzer Company purchased World Book in 1978. Today, World Book’s has over a dozen departments that include sales, editorial, digital products, manufacturing and pre-press, graphics and design, human resources, marketing, information systems and services, finance and accounting, operations, and digital applications development.

The World Book Encyclopedia was first published in 1917. Since its first appearance in print, it has grown from 8 to 22 volumes, as well as evolving from limited color plates to full color throughout. Additionally, World Book publishes dozens of series nonfiction titles for the K-12 market, covering history, science, geography, and other curricular basics in formats that engage and excite students for continued learning. Today, our digital products, World Book Online and World Book WOW, offer users at home, in schools, and libraries instant access to a wide range of interactive, World Book content. World Book also publishes children’s non-fiction and picture book titles under the Bright Connections Media imprint and educational development and supplemental instructional resources through Incentive Publications by World Book.

Print and digital products are sold to schools and libraries by our dedicated sales team, which has field representatives throughout the United States and Canada. These products can also be purchased by households through our consumer website and are available internationally through our network of distributors.

While the educational market and the technology that supports it continually evolve, World Book’s goal in publishing has remained constant: to continue to be an industry leader in the production of award-winning encyclopedias, educational materials, and digital products for the home and school. All products are executed with the commitment to ignite and inspire a lifelong love of learning in readers of all ages. Innovative and readable, World Book products will remain trusted and useful resources at home, in the library, and in the classroom for years to come.

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