What is Sustainable Growth?

Sustainable growth means meeting the needs of our stakeholders by maximizing and continuously improving our environmental, societal, and economic performance.


The Scott Fetzer Company, through its operating units, produces a wide array of products for both business and consumer markets. We will strive to design products that, over their life cycles, will minimize the energy consumed and the waste produced. It’s not just good for business; it’s what’s right for the environment.


The Scott Fetzer Company is part of the communities in which it operates. We have a rich history of charitable commitment, from the United Way, to employees cooking dinners at homeless shelters. Our programs are successful, voluntary and tailored to support the local communities.

We pride ourselves on providing a safe working environment for thousands of employees. And we have facilitated the founding of thousands of small businesses throughout the world through the Kirby network of independent dealers.


We recognize that responsible environmental stewardship and sound business practices go hand-in-hand. Accordingly, we are always looking to innovate in ways that meet the sustainability goals of our customers.