Wayne Combustion Systems is a manufacturer of power gas and oil fired burners for commercial and residential applications requiring high quality and reliable performance.

Location: Fort Wayne, Indiana
Established: 1928
Website: waynecombustion.com

Wayne Combustion Systems was founded in 1928, as Wayne Oil Burner Corporation.  Since then, Wayne Combustion has been designing and manufacturing powered burners in Fort Wayne, IN, where we continually strive to develop innovative solutions for our customer’s challenging applications.

Our customers develop and manufacture world class, market leading products across many industry segments. In order to support these market leaders, Wayne Combustion burners and controls are expected to be reliable and well-designed so that they are an afterthought for the end user. To develop such a robust and worry-free product, Wayne Combustion leverages its extensive combustion engineering expertise to understand our customer’s application through customer interviews and in-depth product testing. Once we have a thorough understanding of the product application, we specify a burner with the intention of exceeding our customer’s expectations.

When specifying or designing new products for our customers, we examine our product portfolio that includes powered gas burners from 10,000 btu/hr to 2,300,000 btu/hr and powered oil burners from 0.5 gph to 13 gph. Additionally, Wayne Combustion offers modulating control systems, oil primary controls and gas trains.

If you cannot find a product on our website or in conversations with our technical staff that meets your requirements, let us know!  We can explore the possibility of developing a new product or modifying an already existing burner system to resolve your problem.

Wayne Combustion is your source for all of your combustion engineering and manufacturing needs. Whether your product enables your customers to bake their holiday meal, keep pizzas baking for the big game, get their equipment clean after a long day in the field or applying heat in another manufacturing process, Wayne Combustion Systems is your combustion expert!

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