Project Description

World of Wisdom allows for an in-depth exploration of every subject beyond the bounds of typical classroom learning, exciting learners of all ages to read, play, and grow.

Location: Chicago, Illinois
Established: 1917

Since 1917, World Book has been creating trusted and easy-to-understand content for learners of all ages.  In 2017, World Book launched World Book WOW to the consumer market, introducing users to a carefully-crafted digital resource that complements any educational journey.  Focused on grades four through eight, World Book combined cutting-edge technology with traditional editorial excellence to produce an authoritative, trustworthy, and unbiased digital tool. This platform is updated in real time and is carefully curated for each learning level. Accessible 24/7, the content is available on almost any device. World Book WOW combines modern, digital instructional techniques with timely information providing learners with an environment that equips them with tools for success.

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