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The Ginsu brands had already been a mainstay in the cutlery industry for many years when they were labeled as some of the sharpest knives on the market and promoted to millions of American families through, what were at that time, revolutionary infomercials;  coining the original and unforgettable “as seen on TV” and “But wait—There’s more” sales pitches. Today, Ginsu remains one of the most well-known cutlery brands on the market, with specialized lines for cooking enthusiasts and professional chefs as well as more economical models for folks just looking to upgrade their kitchen’s accessories. Regardless of which set of Ginsu cooking knives you choose, you can be sure to find quality craftsmanship, balanced design, and durable, sharp blades that are sure to last. 

Quikut – Quikut knives have been a staple of kitchens for close to 100 years. Featuring surgical stainless steel and ergonomically textured handles, Quikut cutlery sets provide the perfect combination of durability and comfort. Their expertly-balanced hilts give you perfect control with every slice, ensuring that cuts are uniform the first time and every time. From kitchen knife mainstays like chef’s knives and steak knives to specialty blades like paring knives, vegetable knives and boning knives, Quikut kitchen knives provide you with cutlery solutions for every situation.

Ginsu – Ginsu knives offer everything you could want in a cutlery set – sharp, maintenance-free blades, and great quality at a great value! Just like you remember from the infomercial, Ginsu knives never need sharpening. With dual-serrated blades, these knives offer a smooth, even cut for both right-and left-handed users. 

Chikara –   Striking the proper balance between traditional knife-making methods and new age technology is what makes Chikara knives so special. For the chef who admires elegance and superior quality, Chikara blades are precision forged and formed from Japanese steel  known for its stain and rust resistance, strength, and ability to hold an incredibly sharp edge. By embracing our heritage and modern advancements, Chikara Cutlery is able to provide technologically superior knives with the quality feel of years past, making each and every knife “the best of both worlds.”

From our earliest Quikut heritage mass producing modern knives, through the revolutionary Ginsu experience in the 1970s, to the premium Chikara brand forged knives today, we create great knives for every need and every kitchen!

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